AstroLifeHD Shop💗 Love and passion candles 25 cm
💗 Love and passion candles 25 cm
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💗 Love and passion candles 25 cm

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✨The candle combines the magic of natural flowers and essential oils, rose buds and petals, jasmine, black pepper, red pepper, ylang-ylang, vanilla, oregano, cuff root and a secret ingredient. It is aimed at the realization of one of three requests: gaining love, inciting passion, or gaining popularity with the opposite sex.

✨This combination attracts true love, passion, luck in relationships into your life, transforms unproductive negative energy into the energy of self-improvement. Rose oil is a great helper in the fight against loneliness, love suffering and emotional trauma associated with negative past experiences in relationships.

👋🏻 These handmade candles are made from 100% natural herbs, wax and aromatic oils according to a special secret recipe, on a special lunar day and time, which activates the most important processes of magic.

Candle 25 cm.