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✨ Inner Peace and Happiness candles 25 cm
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✨ Inner Peace and Happiness candles 25 cm

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👋🏻 These handmade candles are made from natural 100% herbs of mint, thyme, lavender, elecampane and wax according to a special secret recipe, on a special lunar day and time, which activates the most important processes of magic.

It serves as a magical help in the fight against apathy, fears, stress, sadness, helps to overcome difficult circumstances, encourages you to take a bold step towards happiness.

The magic of mint calms the mind, protects against excessive doubts and anxiety, cleanses the space of negative energy, creating a favorable environment for rest, work or recovery. Elecampane awakens spiritual forces and gives optimism.

Laurel fills with energy for decisive action, brings peace and spiritual healing.

Candle 25 cm.