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Zodiac Birthstone Trio | Gemini
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Zodiac Birthstone Trio | Gemini

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SYMBOL: Twins * PLANET: Mercury * ELEMENT: Air

Each little bag contains a unique selection of three birthstones, intuitively picked for you that is connected with the specific zodiac sign.

You can carry them with you to enhance the connection to your sun sign or assist with the current phase of the moon, Either way they will make a beautiful gift for your loved ones.

The Pack for Gemini Contains:

Blue Lace Agate: Blue Lace Agate is associated with Mercury, communication, and the throat chakra, making it the best Agate for Geminis.
Geminis have the gift of gab, and Blue Lace Agate takes their excellent communication skills to the next level. It opens and activates the throat chakra, encouraging self-expression and speaking up. It is perfect support for anyone who must communicate clearly in their work, such as teachers, lawyers, writers, counselors, or lecturers.

Tiger’s Eye: Tiger’s Eye is regarded as a top Gemini zodiac stone, for good reason. It is a beautiful, banded stone of gold and brown, which unifies solar and Earth energy. Two distinct frequencies are combined into one package, just like the twin nature of Gemini.
Tiger’s Eye promotes harmony between people or groups with disparate viewpoints, life approaches, and philosophies, helping them come to mutual understanding. Geminis also have this diplomatic ability to find common ground with others. Tiger’s Eye sharpens the intellect, promoting quick thinking, analysis, and integration of information. It carries the solar vibration, helping Gemini’s charm and wit to shine even brighter.

Serpentine: is a wonderful stone for Gemini personalities as the tendency to experience nervous tension or nervous system sensitivities is high and this stone helps to manage such energies in the nerves. Serpentine helps to balance the energies in the body by assisting the chakras in regulation and allowing the spine to be primed in order to deal with such an influx of vibration and incoming information.