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🧿Candles against EVIL EYE, remove black magic!
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🧿Candles against EVIL EYE, remove black magic!

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✨They strengthen the aura, give good luck in business, removing obstacles to success and protecting from troubles and negative energy.

👋🏻These handmade candles are made according to a special secret recipe, on a special lunar day and time, which activates the most important processes of magic.

Light the candle and carefully smoke yourself and your space including every corner of the room , they will perfectly cleanse your aura, chakras, remove diseases and blackouts on the chakras and aura, remove the evil eye and other people's malware.

Be careful not to leave candles unattended.

Ingredients: organic natural wax, natural herbs, natural aroma oils.

Candle 25 cm.
Hand made with Love 🙏🏻💗

See your Soul🥰