Amber heart pendant hand made.
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Amber heart pendant hand made.

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Amber is a real gift of nature, born millions of years ago. It is the resin of ancient pine trees, which was first petrified in the forest soil, and then carried out into the water basins, where the formation of its appearance and properties continued. This solar stone has long been valued not only for its beauty. Powerful magical and protective qualities were attributed to him, and healers and healers used him for many diseases.

The effect of the sun stone on the human body is multifaceted. In the best way, the healing properties of amber are revealed when heated, which can be achieved by direct contact of the stone with the skin and by rubbing against it when worn.

The undoubted benefit of amber beads for women lies in the property of succinic acid to slow down cell aging. The decoration will have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin of the neck and face.

Such beads will energize and invigorate both the body and the brain every day, activate the protective properties of the body. Succinic acid contributes to recovery after a long illness. It helps people suffering from weather dependence, as well as absent-minded and forgetful.

Amber will help women cope with hormonal surges and changes during pregnancy, relieve toxicosis, improve well-being and give strength. And after childbirth, amber beads will be useful for restoring the female body.

Amber beads help stabilize the endocrine system.