I advise those who first time have astrologer session...

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    I advise those who first turn to an astrologer for understanding of stellar energies and your cosmic passport, destination and more.
    We consider all areas of your life + you can ask a few questions to consider these areas in more detail.
    *Session duration - 1 hour


A detailed horoscope for a month - will help you navigate your days...

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    ... and know exectly what you waiting for.
    Detailed horoscope for the month - will help you navigate some days favorable initiatives, big purchases and investments, and what days it is better to go with the flow and what days you can make sharp movements and investments.
    Also, an important parameter, haircuts during the month are marked.
    At the request of the client, I can mark other parameters that interest.
    Session duration-1 hour

HOROSCOPE FOR 1 YEAR - Solar /$120*

Very important because it shows your year in more detail ...

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    ...You will learn how best to distribute your forces and resources throughout the year.
    We look in detail at your natal year - this year from your birthday to the next birthday, what periods to focus on ...
    This horoscope I recommend doing after you have done the general horoscope!
    Session duration - 1 hour


For those who dream of moving and do not know where it is better to keep the road...

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    ... - I highly recommend ...
    This horoscope means analyzing your chart and choosing the best place to move where you can reach your full potential.
    And also, I will tell you what will await you in a particular city or country. During the 1 hour session, we can see up to 5 different locations.
    Session duration-1 hour


Children's horoscope is the key to your child's world...

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    ...This horoscope reading will help reveal the little secrets of an incarnate soul like your son or your daughter.The horoscope makes it possible to identify and direct the personal development of the child.
    How to approach a child?What sport suits him best?What is the purpose of the child and what will it bring to your family?Where to go to study?What strategy to choose in difficult situations?And much more, based on your request.
    Session duration-1 hour


I will choose for you the most favorable time for any undertakings...

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    ...This is an auspicious time for important events in your life. If an important event is planned in your life, I strongly recommend starting it on good days and hours.
    We choose the best time and day for your important moments in life, such as moving, conceiving a child, eco, wedding, buying a house, surgical intervention, opening a businessetc.
    Session duration-30 minutes


Not many people know about this astrological direction, but...

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    ...this can be of great help in dealing with urgent and important issues.
    How it works?You look at the time when you have a question, you ask it to me, and it is at this time that I build a natal chart that answers your question.
    Questions can be different, like “yes” or “no”, and, for example, about lost things, fulfilled or not fulfilled, abandoned or not, to start or not to do or start something, etc.
    Session duration-30 minutes


Correcting your natal year by moving to another ...

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    ... place/city/country, for few days on your birthday - this is your magic wand with which you change your year for the better!
    Includes choosing a favorable place on the world map where you will move to celebrate your birthday in order to change the energy of the year.
    Also a complete description of the energies of the year for you personally and a detaisl by period (everything that includes the Horoscope for the year).
    Session duration-1 hour


Here we understand compatibility with a partner! And ...

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    it does not matter at all whether it is a partner in marriage or business, an employee for your business or● business● for marriage● any cooperation● All the pros and cons, durability, etc...
    Session duration-1 hour


This horoscope will help you understand how to further ...

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    ...develop in business, where there are strengths and weaknesses, what are the terms of investment and what are not. In which direction is it better to move now.Find out why business goes wrong and how certain partnerships affect your business, and more.
    In this consultation, the birth data of your partners in business, if any, the date of the start of the business will also be important.Session duration-1 hour*price for 1 person


I'm reading your Akashi chronicles-Records! The Akashic Records are an information ...

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    ...field World Library, which stores all the information about the experience and characteristics of all souls.
    The energy and information transmitted to you through me as a conductor brings changes already during the session, and further causing the expansion of consciousness, opening the reserves of your subconscious, attracting the necessary changes. There is a correction of the situation at the necessary level - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, energy - or any of them.
    Namely:• Healing the Family System at the point of impact on your life.• Healing past lives, in situations where trauma or pain was initiatedwhat is happening to you now.• Changes in energy and life here and now.
    Helping to solve problems:• Relationships / causes of conflicts / loneliness / misunderstandings.• Money.• Difficult life situations, why and why they are given, and what can be changed.• Health / identify causes.• Select or search for your Path.• Mental pain / fear.• And many situations that worry you.
    I enter the general field of the Akashic Records, and then - in the Chronicles of a certain Soul, where I read all the necessary information. I am only a guide, I turn off my mind and simply accept the information that the Masters, Angels and Mentors of this Soul give me.
    Session duration-1 hour


This is my unique method that includes many different tools...

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    This is work with your information field, work at deep levels, including psychosomatic treatment, solving childbirth problems!
    It is an opportunity to say goodbye to a negative life scenario and change everything that brings discomfort or suffering to life.
    This may be a situation:With healthPersonal or partnershipCareerPsychological conditionFinancial well-being
    It is important that you understand that this is not a magic pill - it is your contribution and your willingness to work and go to the result. To achieve a good result, you need to do several sessions. No more than one session per week.
    I immerse you in a certain meditative state - this is not hypnosis, you will be conscious and in a very comfortable and cozy state for you.
    And then we discover the question of what you want to improve in your life right now, what prevents you from moving forward and erase all unnecessary programs and bring all the resources to move forward with the dictates of the soul and desire, we dig to the heart and heal it.
    Then, afteer ENERGY HEALING SESSION having healed your problem mentally, this situation in life changes instantly. With such vibrations, time passes quickly, after which you feel a changed state, the world seems to have become brighter. A new vision of the situation, an influx of energy, an increase in income, a leveling of relations, etc. are opening up.
    Come cleansing, healing, transformation of negative beliefs into positive ones.
    *price for 1 person/1 hourSession duration-1 hour

TARO READING / 60-120$ *

Issues of the future, health, love, relationships, work, finances, money, ect...

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    ● for a specific situation● to analyze a person's personality and so on
    There are a lot of schedules and we will definitely choose the one that suits you.
    * price for 1 person
    Session duration - 30 min| $60Session duration - 45 min| $90Session duration - 60 min| $120


Suitable for those who are looking for themselves, their inner support and their niche...

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    ...want to know about their strengths does not know what you wants to do and don't understand what exactly to make money to make it easy and for fun, not because it is necessary to strive to discover and realize their natural potential, wants to manifest online in the field of expertise and does not know how to start and what to say about yourself, analyze your life, look deeper and find yourself.
    Session up to 3 hours "Getting to know yourself".
    Did you recognize yourself? Write me now to book the session!


One of the best methods of harmonizing the planets in the horoscope or any ...

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    ...particular area of ​​life , there are bracelets / rosaries made of natural stones selected for you personally according to your horoscope. I also advise individual pieces of crystals With which you can work, they will be charged specifically for you, which can be purchased from me!
    Only natural stones.Production time - up to 14 working days.

UNDER THE ORDER from 500$*

I do according to a person's horoscope. These are works by means of which the person can change the mood, energy ...

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    ... energy, activate and improve living standards in various fields!
    These can be pictures of protection or pictures of the discovery of some energy and potential in the horoscope of human life.
    Production time - up to 30 working days.