For the session you need good internet, headphones and a few hours of free time so that no one bothers you!* price for 1 person|Duration -1,5 -2,5 hours

A session in which you will have the opportunity to go through the experience of immersion in the memories of past lives, to address certain issues in this life.
During the regression session you are fully conscious, in a relaxed state, you will then remember everything, it is very similar to childhood memories.You remain conscious and can control your process.
You can get out of this process at any time, at your own discretion, just by taking a calm, deep breath, exhale and open your eyes.
The same thing happens with past lives. Everyone remembers them differently: some watch them as a movie, others are confronted only with their, their fragments or even individual images associated with certain memories and that's fine. And you can see yourself from the side, and you can look "eyes from the inside".The whole process of past life memories takes place under the guidance of the Client's Higher Self.
In which cases do past life regressions help?- recurring situations in life;- strained relationships- fears, phobias (especially incomprehensible and irrational);- emotional background from childhood (such as "I'm bad", "life on Earth is arranged incorrectly", "I never get anything", "I'm not like that", "I'm not like everyone");- difficult relationships;- fear of death;- search for the meaning of life and its purpose;- interest in how life is arranged.
The topics of the dives are different:● What is my purpose?● What should I do in life?● Why do I need this partner?● Resource life itself?● What talent have I brought from my past life to realize in this? Etc...