How its going ussualy: You know that the body is permeated by an energy field that can affect our health and well-being, also called subtle energy, vibrational energy, or simply life force. Known as qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine or prana in Ayurveda, it’s believed that we can work with this energy to find balance and healing.
Both physical and mental health conditions can come about when this energy is stuck or not flowing properly.So first I scan your energy and I understand what we are going to work with today. And we start.The goal of energy healing is to restore the balance of energy to support physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
Energy healing practices can involve physically touching the body or working non-physically with the body’s energy.
The latter type of practice can, be done remotely if its good for you.
*price for 1 person/one hourSession duration-1 hour

This is my unique method that includes many different tools!This is work with your information field, work at deep levels, including psychosomatic treatment, solving childbirth problems! It is an opportunity to say goodbye to a negative life scenario and change everything that brings discomfort or suffering to life. This may be a situation:● With health● Personal or partnership● Career● Psychological condition● Financial well-being
It is important that you understand that this is not a magic pill - it is your contribution and your willingness to work and go to the result. To achieve a good result, you need to do several sessions. No more than one session per week.

HOW IS THE ENERGY SESSION GOING?I immerse you in a certain meditative state - this is not hypnosis, you will be conscious and in a very comfortable and cozy state for you.
And then we discover the question of what you want to improve in your life right now, what prevents you from moving forward and erase all unnecessary programs and bring all the resources to move forward with the dictates of the soul and desire, we dig to the heart and heal it.

Then, afteer ENERGY HEALING SESSION having healed your problem mentally, this situation in life changes instantly. With such vibrations, time passes quickly, after which you feel a changed state, the world seems to have become brighter. A new vision of the situation, an influx of energy, an increase in income, a leveling of relations, etc. are opening up.
Come cleansing, healing, transformation of negative beliefs into positive ones.
*price for 1 person/one hourSession duration-1 hour