To book any reading a horoscope or other readind / service, write what exactly you are interested in. Please send me your birth data (date, place and exact time), as well as questions that interest you, so that I can consider them in more depth.
If you do not know your exact time of birth, then at least approximately time amd the important dates in life, and few pictures by which I can determine your exact time.
I review your horoscope in detail before the consultation, and then we agree with you on the day and time of the consultation.I consult online on Viber / WhatsApp / Telegram / Skype or any other convenient means of communication!

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    You receive not just a consultation - it is a plan for the possible development of life and understanding of what is happening, it is your ability to avoid "bad" periods and prepare for them to smooth the situation as much as possible.
    Of course, the "tools" you receive from me during the consultation help in this, it helps you not only in the current situation,but also for further life!The order is accepted for work after prepayment of 20-30% of the cost, the rest after consultation.
    The waiting time is 4 weeks, but if you need it URGENTLY consultation (3-5 days), then the price will be double.
    All information you provide to me during the consultation remains in complete confidentiality and is not disclosed!


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